Scoperite Features: The Mobile App

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Phones, tablets, and iPads have revolutionized the way people communicate, plan, pay, and much, much more.  The advances of mobile technology have allowed us to change the ways we stay in touch with our friends and family, arrive at our destinations, and do our jobs.

Scoperite is no exception to this mobile revolution. One of the most valuable features of the system is the mobile app. The mobile app allows users to take the software with them, enhancing efficiency and making life simpler on the go.

With the Scoperite mobile app, you eliminate the need to carry a pencil and clipboard with you on inspections; saving you the hassle of dealing with the paper and having to enter everything into the software later.  The Scoperite app allows you to create prospects and claims as you meet with the clients. As you gather their information, you can enter it directly into the system on your phone or tablet, rather than having to write it all down and transfer to the system later.

In addition to gathering client information immediately, the Scoperite mobile app enables users to create scope notes, take and label photos, and add documents all while on an inspection.  This helps save you time from having to enter everything later, and keeps you more organized. As documents are created and photos taken, they are automatically saved into the claim, making it harder for things to get mixed up or miss-labeled, and making it easier for you to help your clients.

Because the system is cloud based, all information that is entered in via desktop is available on the mobile app and vice versa. No matter where you are, you can find documents, map out addresses, and add to your notes in any claim.  Phone numbers can be called directly through the app on most devices, making it easy to stay in touch with clients even when you aren’t in the office.

Utilizing a software like Scoperite that has mobile capabilities can drastically change how your business functions for the better.  In addition to saving you time and effort, and keeping you more organized, it can help improve your customer service.  When you have access to all your claims all the time, you are able to answer questions immediately, send documents when it’s on the top of your mind, and be in the know about what is happening on every claim.

In this world of technological revolution, it only makes sense that your business should be made better by the options out there, and Scoperite is here to help with that.

What Is Scoperite: A Comprehensive Guide

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We are inundated with information every day. Be it at work, out with friends, or catching up on our favorite shows, information is being spewed at us constantly, telling us what we need, what we should be doing, and how to make our lives better.  When we are constantly being told how and why we need to listen and make our lives better, we sometimes miss out on exactly what it is that can help us because we don’t know enough about it.

At Scoperite, one of our main goals is to make life simpler and less stressful for the contractors and public adjusters that decide to use our software. In order for you to understand how Scoperite can make your life easier, you need to understand Scoperite. Below we will explain what Scoperite it and its most valuable features in more detail, so that you can see how it can take some of the unnecessary stress out of your life.

What is Scoperite?

Scoperite is a claims management system with the goal of making management of the insurance restoration claim process simpler and more effective for contractors and public adjusters.

We could go on here, add some fluff, but that’s not the point of Scoperite; we keep it simple, we keep it effective, so instead we’ll talk about some of the most useful features Scoperite utilizes to make the claims management process simpler.

Valuable Features

Easy Navigation and Layout:

While it isn’t something that is always top-of-mind when picking a software system, having a layout that is simple to understand and easy to navigate makes a big difference in making your company more effective. Scoperite organizes all claims opened into a series of tables that are organized based on their place in the insurance claim process. The tables can be sorted or searched to find specific claims in matter of seconds using almost any of the claim information.

Everything In One Place:

Scoperite organizes information by claim; each new entry is given a claim number and each claim has its own page within the system.  Within the claim page, all documentation from contracts to photos to final invoices can be saved, making it simple to keep track of all relevant information and easy to find documents when they are needed.

Mobile App:

Scoperite also features a mobile app that can be used when you are not in the office, giving you the freedom to add and edit claims as you need to in the field.  The app works on almost all mobile devices, is compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems, and has all the capabilities of the desktop version.  The app allows you to enter prospects, take and upload photos as you do inspections, edit claims, and find files without confining you to the office.

Email Integrations:

Within each claim, there is a discussion board for all relevant parties (i.e. salesmen, estimators, etc.) to communicate about specific claims in a direct, easy-to-read manner.  Messages sent to the discussion board are also sent to the email of everyone working the claim to ensure that everyone is always up to date, and no one misses messages containing important information.

Easy Document Creation:

Rather than having to shift back and forth between a document and the claim, users can create documents from within Scoperite at the click of a button.  Invoices, estimates, or PDFs of photos and scope notes can all be created from within the claim, and are pre-filled with relevant customer and company information to make the process move faster; simply fill in the specific information and save or send to the necessary parties. All documents created are also saved in the claim so that they can be retrieved or referenced whenever necessary.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure:

Whether it is in cabinets or on the computer, do you find that you run out of space to store all of your files? Scoperite is cloud-based, making it is easier to store the large amounts of information that each claim requires.  The cloud-based nature also makes it possible for you to access your Scoperite account on any device, at any time, no matter where you are; so whether you are on a roof or enjoying time at home, you have access to all your information.

How Do You Know If You Need A CRM?

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How does your company function?  Is there a pencil and paper system still in place, or is everyone on their computers sending files back and forth?  Is it working, or is it time for a change?

Using a CRM system can streamline operations, help increase sales, and make life easier for everyone, but knowing if it is time to make the switch can be difficult.  Below we dive into some of the signs that a CRM could be a good investment for your company.

1) Disorganization That Is Slowing You Down

Are you having to take time to search for files or contact information? If someone else has the document you need can you get it quickly, or do you have to wait?  Implementing a CRM can help curb disorganization by putting all the files for each of your clients or projects into one easy-to-find, simple to update location.  This allows you to spend less time filling, sorting, and searching and more time helping clients, selling new business, and creating success.

2) Losing Potential Clients or Projects

Does your current system track leads? Can you follow the trail of a lead from the moment it comes to your business to the time it becomes a sale, client, or project?  To some extent, your system probably does that, and that shows where you are good at getting deals signed. But does it show where you are losing clients? Why some aren’t signing with you?  CRMs track all leads entered into the database, and give detailed information on each lead at each phase of your sales process.  You can see reports and trends of leads who lose interest in the process, causing you to lose a new client and revenue. When that data is easily accessible to you, you can see where, and potentially why, they are losing interested and use that information to target them more effectively and close more deals.

3) Important Information Is Getting Lost In Communication

Do you open and read every single message that comes into your email inbox? Answer every phone call? Respond to every text or chat message? Probably not. Between junk mail, sales calls, and every day back and forth messaging, some things just slip through the cracks. Despite our best efforts, sometimes important messages can slip through those cracks too, and if that is happening more frequently that you’d like, a CRM may be able to help.  Many CRMs have some sort of communication mechanism, be it a discussion board, email integration, chat feature, task alert, the list goes on and on.  These features make communication between employees easier and more efficient. When a note or reminder is dropped directly into a client’s file, or on a project note, it is less likely that it will be missed or ignored. Having streamlined communication options will help ensure that all important documents, information, and to-dos are reaching all the essential people.