Often Overlooked: The Features You Don’t Think About

By March 7, 2019Tech

When picking a CRM system, most companies look at the features: which ones do they have, what do they do, and how will it apply to your business. The most popular features are typically the sales tracking, the cloud storage, message boards, and reminders. But what about some of the features that you might not think about, that can determine how well the software works for you? People tend to overlook some of those other features like document creation and layout, accessibility, and the layout of the system itself, which is what we are going to dive into below.

When you are looking at all the different systems, it is easy to get overwhelmed and busy looking at what it will do for you, but what happens when you make the choice and then you can’t figure out how to even get to the features you wanted. Many of the systems out there have gotten complicated; it isn’t easy to understand what you are looking at and it isn’t easy to get to where you want to go within the system. Being able to use the system you choose is important, which is why Scoperite takes great pride in the easy navigation and simple layout of our system. We don’t think you need a ton of bells and whistles, but we do think that you need to be able to find the features you have.

Scoperite is broken down into a series of simple tabs and tables. There are three different tables on the main page for the three major stages of a claim; each table contains the claims within that stage and the claims can be searched and sorted by claim number, address, or client name. The tables make it easy to access the claims you need, as well as the features that you wanted for those claims. The tabs allow users to find the production section, the reports section, and the settings section. Each of these tabs as a few different pages within it based (i.e. the production calendar or the employee list) that are clearly labeled and can be visited by simply clicking on the icon/word. Beyond that, there isn’t much to explain when navigating Scoperite, it is simple.

Obviously, every system and every company are different, so you may need one with more features that takes more time to learn and navigate, but remember when you also want the system to make your company more productive, not more complicated. When you are doing your research about CRM systems, take the time to check out some of the lesser thought about features to make sure you truly are picking the right system for your company.

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