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March 2019

4 Tips To Get Your Salesmen To Use Roofing Software

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Roofing software is fantastic. It minimizes paperwork, saves time, and makes your company run more efficiently. Well at least it does all those things if everyone uses it. Often times, getting salesmen to start using or switch roofing software programs can be a struggle; they are set in their ways, and think they have it all figured out already. So what can you do to get them on board with the new software? Keep reading to see our top tips for getting your salesmen to make the switch.

Take The Time To Train Them

While it can be time consuming, and feel a little like time wasted, taking the time to actually train your salesmen on the software can make a big difference. Giving them each a log-in and saying use this now, is easier, but less effective. Seeing as you, the owner or manager, is probably the one who picked it out the software makes sense to you because you have been researching and learning about it. For your salesmen, it is something totally new that they need to put effort in to learn to use, and many of them don’t want to take that time out of their already busy schedule to learn it. The easiest way around this is for you to schedule that time and do it with them! Have everyone block out an afternoon, bring in an expert if you need, and go through it together. Do a mock project from start to finish so that everyone sees all the basic functions and features. Make sure everyone can access the software on the devices they need and go through any changes in usage for each device. It may seem like a long way to spend an afternoon, but it can help make a big difference in getting everyone on board.

Explain The Benefits

Sometimes being in a company doesn’t mean you see everything. No matter how involved your salesmen are in aspects of the business beyond sales and projects, you know more about it than they do. You know where the biggest glitches are, where the most problems arise from, and where things need to be changed; more likely than not, implementing the software is a way to deal with a lot of those problems. So explain that to them. Detail out what is going wrong or could use some improvement, and show them how the software will help solve some of those problems. If they can see the direct effect that using the software will have, it will encourage them to view the switch as a good thing, rather than a tedious one.

Address Concerns

A lot of salesmen get set in their ways. They have their routines that get that job done and they like it that way. So when you try and change that routine, even a little bit, they are going to have questions. Take the time answer the questions and address their concerns. From will it change my whole system to will it work on my phone, all the questions are important to them. Taking the time to see what they are specifically concerned about, and to address their concerns will, ideally, make them more open to trying the software. It is also important to be patient when addressing their concerns; seeming irritated by the questions and comments will make them even less inclined to give the software a try, so stay positive and understand that this might be a bigger change than you realized for them.

Have A Trial Period

More often than not, forcing use of something is the quickest way to make sure it is detested. So try and forgo telling your salesmen that they HAVE to use the new software and that’s that. Instead try doing a trial period with it. Say they have to use it for two weeks or a month or however long you feel is appropriate, and that you will all come together to discuss benefits and problems with it after at that time. This gives everyone the opportunity to try out the software, find what they like and don’t like, and discuss everyone’s thoughts surrounding it. Doing a trial gives you the opportunity to make them use the software without it being a completely forced idea. It also gives your salesmen the chance to actually see if they like the software, or for you to realize that the software might not be the right one for your company.

Often Overlooked: The Features You Don’t Think About

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When picking a CRM system, most companies look at the features: which ones do they have, what do they do, and how will it apply to your business. The most popular features are typically the sales tracking, the cloud storage, message boards, and reminders. But what about some of the features that you might not think about, that can determine how well the software works for you? People tend to overlook some of those other features like document creation and layout, accessibility, and the layout of the system itself, which is what we are going to dive into below.

When you are looking at all the different systems, it is easy to get overwhelmed and busy looking at what it will do for you, but what happens when you make the choice and then you can’t figure out how to even get to the features you wanted. Many of the systems out there have gotten complicated; it isn’t easy to understand what you are looking at and it isn’t easy to get to where you want to go within the system. Being able to use the system you choose is important, which is why Scoperite takes great pride in the easy navigation and simple layout of our system. We don’t think you need a ton of bells and whistles, but we do think that you need to be able to find the features you have.

Scoperite is broken down into a series of simple tabs and tables. There are three different tables on the main page for the three major stages of a claim; each table contains the claims within that stage and the claims can be searched and sorted by claim number, address, or client name. The tables make it easy to access the claims you need, as well as the features that you wanted for those claims. The tabs allow users to find the production section, the reports section, and the settings section. Each of these tabs as a few different pages within it based (i.e. the production calendar or the employee list) that are clearly labeled and can be visited by simply clicking on the icon/word. Beyond that, there isn’t much to explain when navigating Scoperite, it is simple.

Obviously, every system and every company are different, so you may need one with more features that takes more time to learn and navigate, but remember when you also want the system to make your company more productive, not more complicated. When you are doing your research about CRM systems, take the time to check out some of the lesser thought about features to make sure you truly are picking the right system for your company.