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October 2017

How Do You Know If You Need A CRM?

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How does your company function?  Is there a pencil and paper system still in place, or is everyone on their computers sending files back and forth?  Is it working, or is it time for a change?

Using a CRM system can streamline operations, help increase sales, and make life easier for everyone, but knowing if it is time to make the switch can be difficult.  Below we dive into some of the signs that a CRM could be a good investment for your company.

1) Disorganization That Is Slowing You Down

Are you having to take time to search for files or contact information? If someone else has the document you need can you get it quickly, or do you have to wait?  Implementing a CRM can help curb disorganization by putting all the files for each of your clients or projects into one easy-to-find, simple to update location.  This allows you to spend less time filling, sorting, and searching and more time helping clients, selling new business, and creating success.

2) Losing Potential Clients or Projects

Does your current system track leads? Can you follow the trail of a lead from the moment it comes to your business to the time it becomes a sale, client, or project?  To some extent, your system probably does that, and that shows where you are good at getting deals signed. But does it show where you are losing clients? Why some aren’t signing with you?  CRMs track all leads entered into the database, and give detailed information on each lead at each phase of your sales process.  You can see reports and trends of leads who lose interest in the process, causing you to lose a new client and revenue. When that data is easily accessible to you, you can see where, and potentially why, they are losing interested and use that information to target them more effectively and close more deals.

3) Important Information Is Getting Lost In Communication

Do you open and read every single message that comes into your email inbox? Answer every phone call? Respond to every text or chat message? Probably not. Between junk mail, sales calls, and every day back and forth messaging, some things just slip through the cracks. Despite our best efforts, sometimes important messages can slip through those cracks too, and if that is happening more frequently that you’d like, a CRM may be able to help.  Many CRMs have some sort of communication mechanism, be it a discussion board, email integration, chat feature, task alert, the list goes on and on.  These features make communication between employees easier and more efficient. When a note or reminder is dropped directly into a client’s file, or on a project note, it is less likely that it will be missed or ignored. Having streamlined communication options will help ensure that all important documents, information, and to-dos are reaching all the essential people.