Improving Your Customer Service: How A CRM Can Help

By May 25, 2018Tech

CRM’s are fantastic. They can help keep your office more organized, allow you to manage your employees on a closer scale, and improve overall efficiency by cutting out unnecessary steps, but more than almost anything else, using a CRM can help your business improve its customer service.

Customer service is an essential part of every business, whether it is one that is emphasized or not. How helpful and effective you are for your customers determines whether or not they will repeat business with you, refer their friends and family to you, and leave good reviews to help you gain more business. Below we dive into a few of the ways using a CRM system can improve your customer service.

Have you ever had a customer call in needing a copy of a warranty or an estimate? Are you able to quickly find it and send it over, or do you need to make a note and remember to search around for it later? With a CRM, the files for all customers are stored together in one easy to access location. When a customer calls in needing a file or document, you can quickly pull it up while you are on the phone with them and, in some cases, send the file directly from the software.

Using a CRM also makes it easier to contact customers with answers to questions or updates about their projects. Unlike paper filing systems, the customer information is always easily accessible within their claim, so finding an email address or phone number is as easy as typing a last name into the CRM. This allows you to stay in contact with your customers as their claim progresses, making them feel more comfortable and making your company very reliable to them.

When it comes to customer service, being a one-man show is hard; if you have employees, implementing a CRM makes it possible for everyone to help resolve customer service issues.  Rather than each individual person being the sole responsible party for their customers, all employees can help ensure all customers have a positive experience. If one of your salesmen is spending the day in the field, or on a vacation, other employees can help his customers if they call needing something, instead of having to wait for that specific salesman to be back in the office to find the needed information.

Current customers aren’t the only ones who can be benefitted from your company switching to a CRM.  Returning customers who’s information you already have will be pleased when they don’t have to repeat paperwork when they come back to your company, and you will be able to quickly remind yourself what work you did for them previously with a just a glance at their file.  It also isn’t uncommon for former customers to misplace or lose documents like warranty paperwork, and when all files are organized in a CRM, it is easy to locate and re-send the documents to the customer.

While some of these benefits may seem small, in the long run they can change how your company helps its customers, making them more likely to give you return business and refer business to you!

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